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JUSTFOG - Q16C Starter Kit 900mAh


An electronic cigarette that has already gone down in history as one of the most used and most successful devices!

Available colours:
Pink, Black and Silver.


Electronic cigarette, compact and easy to use, as per JustFog tradition, available colors:
Pink, Black and Silver.

This product is definitely suitable for those approaching the world of vaping to abandon combustion smoke.

The Kit Contains:
1x J-Easy 9 battery
1x Clearomizer Q16
2x Replacement heads 1.6ohm
1x USB cable
1x Manual

Constant and accurate (adjustable) output voltage

For many variable voltage batteries the output voltage depends on the remaining charge level

with the loss of charge the supplied voltage decreases.

But the JUSTFOG J-Easy 9 battery thanks to its circuit always keeps the supply stable according to the selected voltage.

This function allows you to take full advantage of the battery.

Powerful and performing grade A battery

The internal battery of the J-Easy 9 is a Grade A battery.

J-Easy 9 delivers a precise voltage even at high voltages (4.8V) and lasts for a long time thanks to its high quality.

5 intelligent short circuit protection functions

To improve user safety and battery life the J-Easy 9 is equipped with 5 types of short circuit protection.

These protections are activated automatically when particular conditions are generated, a great safety for the user.

Short protection

If there is a short circuit between the atomizer and the battery all the LED lights will flash four times

and the battery will automatically shut down.

Overheat protection

If the power button is pressed for more than 10 seconds,

the LEDs will flash 10 times and the battery will automatically shut down.

Under load protection.

Before the battery is fully discharged, the LEDs will flash 10 times and the battery will shut down to prevent damage.

Overload protection

When the battery is fully charged, charging will stop automatically,

in order to prolong the life cycle of the battery.

Over voltage protection

When the battery is charged by an adapter that is too powerful

the protection will activate and block the battery charge.

Battery life divided into 5 levels

Battery life can be checked by checking the LED display on the front of the J easy-9.

To extend the life of the battery, we recommend that you charge it fully on first use and

charge it before it is completely discharged.

Charging: The battery LED moves one notch at a time until 100% charge is reached. When fully charged, all battery LEDs will be on.

Easy Power ON / OFF function

When you are not using the device, turn it off, this will extend its life.
The battery turns off and on by clicking the button 5 consecutive times in 2 seconds.

Small and portable

The J-Easy 9 battery has a capacity of 900mah despite having the size of a 650mah.
Compared to the other mods it is really light and easy to carry.

CE and RoHS certifications a safe electronic cigarette

The product is certified in compliance with all European Conformity CE and Restriction of Hazardous Substances RoHS standards. Plus the internal battery
it is insulated with insulating material far exceeding the required standards.

System free of liquid leaks

The JUSTFOG Q16 clearomizer has solved the problem inherent in the loss of liquid from the drip,

problem common to many bottom atomizers. By inserting a star filter between the body of the atomizer

and the drip liquid will no longer be able to splash in the mouth even under high voltages.

Flawless steel air adjustment ring

The air flow can be controlled more accurately.

The steel ring is more stable and durable over time than other materials.

100% Organic Cotton

The organic cotton used in the coils of the JUSTFOG Q16 (comapitib ili with the whole JUSTFOG 14 series)

it is 100% natural.

It produces more steam and has a higher aromatic yield than normal silica wich.

Pure aromas thanks to a new level of nichrome resistance

The small cylindrical coil of the JUSTFOG Q16 is the most important part of the device.

JUSTFOG uses heat treated surfaces and nichrome resistors of the highest quality, which help to

return a faithful aroma.

Powerful performance without damaging the battery

Using coils with too low values (less than 1.0ohm) it is possible to damage the battery,

JUSTFOG has found an equivalent path, offering performance similar to a sub-ohm but with a value of 1.6ohm.

Both low and high voltage compatibility

Clearomizers generally offer poor vapor production when used with a low voltage battery

and a burnt taste if used at too high a voltage.

The JUSTFOG 14 series offer great vapor production with no burning taste at both high and low voltage.

Short-proof coil thanks to the double protection system

Many coils on the market are structured to have direct contact with the batteries,

with the result of running into possible short circuits. This problem has been ingeniously solved by the JUSTFOG 14 series

with the double protection given by a ceramic coating and a spring able to absorb shocks.

Compatibility with any type of battery

The eGo 510 connection terminal thanks to its spring is able to adhere to adhere perfectly even on batteries from other manufacturers,

the spring will automatically adjust the pin.

Luxurious, premium 3+ chrome upholstery

JUSTFOG Q16 is polished with a high quality chrome which gives a luxurious appearance

and keeps its aesthetic characteristics intact over time.

Pyrex glass tank

The transparent tank of the JUSTFOG Q16 is made of Pyrex glass.

Pyrex glass is one of the strongest glass and contains a high level of silica dioxide.

Pyrex glass has a coefficient of expansion between half and a quarter compared to normal glass,

giving a high chemical durability. Resistant to corrosion of aromas such as cinnamon,

lemon or banana.


Data sheet

Integrated battery
Tank capacity
1.9 ml
Battery capacity
950 mAh

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