SMOK - Fetch Mini 1200mAh Kit 40w
  • SMOK - Fetch Mini 1200mAh Kit 40w

SMOK - Fetch Mini 1200mAh Kit 40w



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KIWI Starter Kit + Power Bank - KIWI VAPOR



The simple and complete alternative to quit smoking . KIWI is born, the valid alternative to the classic cigarette .

Keep the taste of the cigarette, but without the cigarette. Less harmful, less dangerous but with the same pleasure as always.

Small but powerful. KIWI encompasses technology and satisfaction in vaping .

Kizoku - Kirin Starter Kit

Brands: Kizoku

Kizoku Kirin is an electronic cigarette optimized for a cheek vape . The stainless steel used for its construction, and the small and compact dimensions will guarantee you a comfortable and comfortable use.

Zeep Pod Mod Kit - UD Youde

Brands: UD Youde

Zeep Pod Mod is a small and compact cig feeling style device, with an elegant shape and with the possibility of using it both with the perforated cotton drip-tip and with the classic plastic drip-tip.

This e-cig is undoubtedly a good device suitable for all those who want to quit smoking. The Zeep, in fact, has many characteristics similar to the classic cigarette and is also able to produce an excellent vaporization.

Dotmod - DotAio SE Kit 2ml

Brands: Dotmod

DotMod presents the new DotAIO SE, which is renewed in the materials while maintaining performance, design and quality completely unchanged. The body is now made of zinc alloy and steel, while the flaps are made of plastic with an elegant engraving pattern. Always customizable in all its parts and compatible with all the accessories of the standard version.