Electronic Cigarette Kits Da One - Amo19 Starter Kit 1100mAh 2ml

Da One - Amo19 Starter Kit 1100mAh 2ml

Da One
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Da One - Amo19 Starter Kit 1100mAh 2ml

Starter Kit for vapers complete with all its fundamental components.

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The DA ONE AMO19 is a Starter Kit for vapers complete with all its fundamental components. The complete DA ONE AMO19 kit has a unique, light and handy design, suitable for keeping it always at hand to vape it at any time of the day.

The DA ONE AMO19 guarantees high performance, despite its small size. In fact, the DA ONE AMO19 is capable of offering vapers a superb aromatic yield and a dense production of vapor. With this DA ONE AMO19 you can try the experience of smoking without risk to your health.

The benefits of smoking an e-cigarette consist mainly of e-smoking that aids the risk of developing cancer. In this DA ONE AMO19 can help you. Smoking the DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette allows the vaporizer to follow him in the healing process from nicotine addiction. Scientific studies, in fact, show that the first cause of nicotine addiction consists, not so much in the nicotine itself, but in the act of smoking, considered as a moment of relaxation during the day. With DA ONE AMO19 you can enjoy a tasty and healthy break.


[img- 2703 -left-large_default] ELEAF DA ONE AMO19 is a ready to use vape cigarette. The characteristic of a complete electronic cigarette kit consists in being composed of all the fundamental elements for vaping. The DA ONE AMO19 components: are: an atomizer, equipped with a tank for the liquid and responsible for heating the resistance or coil; a resistance or coil, composed of organic cotton soaked in liquid; a drip tip, which allows the vape to suck; and a battery, which activates the atomizer of the electronic cigarette.

ELEAF DA ONE AMO19 , like most electronic cigarette starter kits, has a simple and resistant steel coating, capable of avoiding damage following accidental falls or bumps. This makes the DA ONE AMO19 complete kit a durable electronic device capable of optimal valid performance despite wear.

The DA ONE AMO19 starter kit has a compact and elegant design. The dimensions are not excessive. In fact, with its 10.7 cm in height, 1.9 cm in diameter, the DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette can be housed in any pocket or bag, without ever running the risk of liquid leaks.

DA ONE AMO19 AIO mounts a steel-coated atomizer equipped with a pyrex glass window to control the amount of liquid contained in the tank or tank. The atomizer of the DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette has a childproof safety closure, in order to prevent and avoid accidental opening of the electronic device by minors. In fact, the liquid contained inside the DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette cannot be ingested. The DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette mounts a resistance or coil designed to guarantee a better vaping experience. DA ONE AMO19 Supported resistance is 0.8 ohm, perfect for a better reproduction of aromas and great smokiness. Furthermore, DA ONE AMO19 Resistance is a device that will allow you to produce large clouds of steam, both indoors and outdoors.
The tank or tank of the DA ONE AMO19 atomizer has a capacity of 2 ml and can be disassembled and assembled in a simple way to facilitate cleaning operations. The atomizer of the DA ONE AMO19 electronic cigarette refills from above, an innovative system that allows you to refill the liquid without dirtying. To refill the DA ONE AMO19 atomizer liquid, unscrew and remove the top cap. Pour the liquid into the tank, without exceeding the maximum level indicated, to avoid liquid leakage. Screw the top cap to the tank.
It is very important when using an atomizer for the first time, to make sure that the cotton inside the coil is completely wet. Before first use, drop a few drops of liquid directly into the coil, otherwise insert the tank coil and wait 5 minutes before using it.
The battery of the DA ONE AMO19 complete kit is what allows the atomizer to overheat and nebulize the liquid present in the tank. The battery mounted on the complete DA ONE AMO19 kit is a box mod, that is to say a battery that works with 1100 mah batteries, which can also be recharged thanks to the USB cable, placed on the side, making it possible to use the electronic cigarette even when recharging. The box mod DA ONE AMO19 reaches a voltage of 3.7V. It has a universal connector type 510, equipped with a spring and adaptable to any atomizer. Double safety circuit to protect against overcharging, undercharging and short circuit, and the coil preheating function

The box mod can be recharged by replacing the battery or by recharging it to the pc through the micro USB port positioned on the side of the box mod. We recommend using an external charger.

The DA ONE AMO19 is a manual electronic cigarette, that is to say that it is not activated automatically by suction but has an ignition button. The characteristic of this type of electronic cigarette is that it allows the vape to obtain the maximum aromatic yield from the first vape.

ELEAF IJUST 21700 has a large drip tip to ensure maximum suction; in addition, with the airflow adjustment positioned at the top it will allow you to produce immense clouds of vapor.

The DA ONE AMO19 starter kit is available in various colors.


  • - FROM ONE AMO19
  • - 1 coil 0.8 ohm
  • - Micro-USB cable
  • - User manual
  • - Warranty certificate


  1. Do not put liquid in the vaporization chimney.
  2. Do not fill more than 90%, make sure that the liquid is always between 10% and 90% of the tank.
  3. On first use, pour a few drops directly into the coil, completely wetting the cotton.

Keep out of reach of children. The sale to anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.


Data sheet

Integrated battery
Tank capacity
2 ml
Battery capacity
1100 mAh

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