Concentrated Vaping Flavors Van Coch - Concentrated BlendFeel

Van Coch - Concentrated BlendFeel

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An assonant picture, contrary to the name that evokes the pictorial dissonances, we are faced with a complete, round, warm and intriguing taste. Only harmony of taste ready for a daily experience.
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Considering that the average volume of a drop is equivalent to 0.02 ml, consider: 10 drops equivalent to 0.2 ml.

In mixing, the following typical examples can be considered, taking into account that mixtures with a predominance of Glycerin require a greater aromatic fraction.

  • 10 ml base product + 35 drops (about 0.7 ml) allow to prepare 10.7 ml at 6.5 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml base product + 50 drops (about 1 ml) allow to prepare 11.0 ml at 9.0 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml of base product + 80 drops (about 1.6 ml) allow to prepare 11.6 ml at 14.0 % of nominal concentration

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Aroma Concentrate Shinobi Dark 10ml

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Aroma Concentrato Shinobi Dark 10ml by VaporArt is a concentrated aroma with the taste of Burley pipe tobacco combined with a base of papaya and prickly pear fruit.

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Last born from the Ultimate series, 7 leaves wants to represent a further evolution of our tobacco aromas.

For its realization we compared the analytical data available in the bibliography of 7 qualities of tobacco, namely fire cured, light leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental, identifying the key components, cataloging them by aromatic profile.

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Rome is the definitive Tobacco Mixture for lovers of uncompromising flavors. A smoky, aromatic and impetuous blend, made with three impetuous tobaccos: Cypriot Latakia , Kentucky Camuno grown on high ground and the original Perique St. James . Rome, like the bestseller "il Mazzei", is an exclusive recipe by Antonio Mazzei.