Van Coch - Concentrated BlendFeel-Concentrated Vaping

Van Coch - Concentrated BlendFeel

An assonant picture, contrary to the name that evokes the pictorial dissonances, we are faced with a complete, round, warm and intriguing taste. Only harmony of taste ready for a daily experience.


Considering that the average volume of a drop is equivalent to 0.02 ml, consider: 10 drops equivalent to 0.2 ml.

In mixing, the following typical examples can be considered, taking into account that mixtures with a predominance of Glycerin require a greater aromatic fraction.

  • 10 ml base product + 35 drops (about 0.7 ml) allow to prepare 10.7 ml at 6.5 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml base product + 50 drops (about 1 ml) allow to prepare 11.0 ml at 9.0 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml of base product + 80 drops (about 1.6 ml) allow to prepare 11.6 ml at 14.0 % of nominal concentration

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Burlesque - Concentrated BlendFeel

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Aroma Burlesque A blend of Burley leaves in which the unusually full-bodied and enveloping White Burley laughs at a sly Basma, ready to explode at the least expected moment. The crazy dance continues at a fast pace, between caricatures, twirls and sudden sensory highs. Welcome to the realm of the unexpected.

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The English nocturnal is a true English, evening blend, with a latakia towering haughty and sovereign above the exotic eastern and common virginia.

It is not enough to vape it in an armchair in front of the fireplace, it also serves a "dark and stormy" night.

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A sweet and fresh mix of Cavendish Tobacco with organic extracts of Apple and Mint . Mint is not cold at all but gives a pleasant fresh and herbaceous note on exhalation.

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Aroma Concentrato Black Diamond Halo 10ml is an aroma for electronic cigarettes of the famous US brand: Halo, to be diluted in a neutral base.

Black Diamond it is a tobacco taste with slightly sweet notes . Composed of Turkish tobaccos with a rare and distinct taste, sometimes spicy . The symmetry of classic flavors accompanied by subtle touches of sweetness offers a complex but never excessive taste.