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Take It - Twisted Concentrated Aroma 10ml

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Lemon, Sugar and a strong sensation of freshness
Lemon, Sugar and a strong sensation of freshness. 10ml format. Recommended dilution 10%. Not to be used as it is. Dilute in a neutral base with or without nicotine with 10% aroma dilution.

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Type of flavor
ICE - Frozen

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Contrasts, movement, exuberant details, all this generates surprise and amazement, as generated by banana and coconut in Barocco, our new liquid of the "unfiltered" line.

Flue-cured sugary Virginia Cavendish , with our banana and coconut flavoring, and that extra gear that convinced us to offer it: the delicate almond aftertaste. We put our heart into it, now it\'s up to you: let yourself be surprised.

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Botanical distillation of Black Cavendish tobacco obtained from Burley and Virginia leaves . The result is an unusually dry and dry Black cavendish, where the typical notes of honey and molasses are replaced by hints of vegetables and dried fruit , with scents of coconut, cocoa and walnut .

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Aroma Concentrate Tuki Tuki - VaporArt 10ml is a concentrated aroma for electronic cigarettes to be diluted in a neutral base of the famous Italian brand VaporArt . Tuki Tuki it is a soft and creamy toasted biscuit combined with a mixture of tobacco . The result of this made in Italy aroma is an excellent balance between sweet and dry . Suitable for those looking for a sweet flavor contrasted by the dryness of tobacco.

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Apricot, the fruit of Roman kings and generals, picked from the branch before its complete ripeness, is accompanied by the Persian tobaccos that have followed it since ancient times.

As they say in Turkey: "bundan iyisi Şam\'da kayısı"; that is: "the only thing better than this is to eat an apricot in Damascus".

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Concentrated Aroma SET Red Virginia 10ml of Tobacco Factory 3.0 Extracts is an organic concentrated aroma .

SET Red Virginia is a flue-cured personality. His soul is anything but sober and linear. Authenticity and, at the same time, distinction, are its synonyms. The maturity of this tobacco is evident in the aromatic articulation, in its rich variations. To the gentle honeyy note of the base is added the straw-yellow mantle , not at all dry, of the precious leaf. In the center, a delicate composition that combines, without excluding, hints of small dried fruits .