Shortbread - Concentrated BlendFeel-Concentrated Vaping

Shortbread - Concentrated BlendFeel


10ml aroma with the flavor of a very tasty shortbread.



Considering that the average volume of a drop is equivalent to 0.02 ml, consider: 10 drops equivalent to 0.2 ml.

In mixing, the following typical examples can be considered, taking into account that mixtures with a predominance of Glycerin require a greater aromatic fraction.

  • 10 ml base product + 35 drops (about 0.7 ml) allow to prepare 10.7 ml at 6.5 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml base product + 50 drops (about 1 ml) allow to prepare 11.0 ml at 9.0 % nominal concentration
  • 10 ml of base product + 80 drops (about 1.6 ml) allow to prepare 11.6 ml at 14.0 % of nominal concentration

The products of the Basic Flavors Single Taste line are aromatic chemicals that can be considered excipients. The dilution, according to the uses of the product is recommended at 10%, dilutions from 5% to 15% are compatible, Once diluted in a suitable and satisfactory carrier, it is good to shake the bottle carefully and let the product rest in a cool environment or at ambient temperatures. The maturation time is a subjective factor, however the product can also be used immediately after preparation. Remember to always shake before dosing and always the finished product before use.


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