Red Hornet - Twisted Concentrated Aroma 10ml-Concentrated Vaping

Red Hornet - Twisted Concentrated Aroma 10ml

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Delicious and creamy Strawberry Cheesecake
Delicious and creamy Strawberry Cheesecake. 10ml format. Recommended dilution 10%. Not to be used as it is. Dilute in a neutral base with or without nicotine with 10% aroma dilution.

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Aroma Concentrato Positano 10ml by Vitruviano\'s Juice is a concentrated aroma that contains all the fragrance of lemon in the custard , wrapped in sponge cake , soaked in limoncello.

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10ml Cherry Tart Sweet Dreams Concentrated Aroma by Dreamods . A delicious Cherry Tart never tried before, the fairy tale tart. With each vape you will feel the buttery shortcrust pastry that delicately embraces a tasty cherry jam .

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Aroma Concentrato 10ml Butter Cow by Zanzà Flavors by Vaplo is a delicious peanut butter combined with a delicious vanilla for a sweet and creamy aroma.

The Zanzà line by Vaplo offers a line of over 35 concentrated aromas within the reach of all palates
Between creamy , fruity and mentholated aromas you are spoiled for choice!

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The magical and mystical notes of absinthe blend with the sweet temptation of pear.
Let\'s start with a necessary clarification: THIS IS NOT A POISON. The name is inspired by the tale of Snow White and the temptation of the "poisoned apple".

Concentrated Flavor Kentucky Fire - Distillates by Il Santone dello Svapo
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Aroma Concentrate Fire Kentucky - Distillates by Il Santone dello Svapo is an organic concentrated aroma for electronic cigarettes to be diluted in a neutral base.

Fire Kentucky by Enjoy Svapo , created in collaboration with Il Santone dello Svapo , is a masterpiece of flavors and aromas that no Italian cigar enthusiast can afford to miss. This 10ml concentrated aroma is the result of a fine Kentucky distillate expertly fire treated to ensure a strong and intense taste without affecting the duration of the resistances, thanks to the distillation of the tobacco.