Concentrated Vaping Flavors HazelNut - Aroma 10 ml - Squeezy

HazelNut - Aroma 10 ml - Squeezy

VAT included

Creamy, lightly toasted hazelnut flavor.


Creamy, lightly toasted hazelnut flavor.

Bottle of 10 ml.

Recommended dilution:

  • 10% generally: or each ml of aroma use 9ml of Glycerol or Glycerol and Glycol;
  • 33% for 20ml aromas in 60ml bottles (therefore 20ml of aroma plus 40ml of Glycerol or Glycerol and Glycol).

After dilution shake the bottle and let it stand. The ripening time is a subjective factor. The mixture obtained can technically also be used immediately after preparation. Use gloves during preparation. In case of contact with the skin, wash the affected area with water.


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