Concentrated Vaping Flavors GRACE'S SECRET - K Flavour Company - Aroma 25 ml

GRACE'S SECRET - K Flavour Company - Aroma 25 ml

K Flavour Company
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GRACE'S SECRET: A "light" tobacco, Apricot and Toasted Almond.

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GRACE'S SECRET: a “light” tobacco, apricot and toasted almond.

25ml aroma. Add 75ml of neutral base Vg / pg to taste with or without nicotine.

Recommended aging: 72 hours


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Aroma Concentrato Margate - K Flavour Company 25ml is a concentrated aroma from the cigary and creamy tobacco of the well-known Italian brand K Flavour Company . Margate is a tobacco Italian Kentucky microfiltered firecured by adding French butter and a note of almond on the final.

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