CAM-L - Svapo Quadrato Concentrated aroma 10 ml-Concentrated Vaping

CAM-L - Svapo Quadrato Concentrated aroma 10 ml

Svapo Quadrato
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Lightly toasted tobacco with aromatic notes.
Concentrated aroma. Not to be used as it is. To be diluted in a neutral base with or without nicotine. Format: 10ml Recommended dilution: 10% Ripening time: 72-96 hours.

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The Scottish Flake aroma is produced by the Santone dello Svapo in collaboration with Enjoysvapo.

It is a Scottish pipe blend where we find a delicate tobacco accompanied by a whiskey note that recalls fruity notes. It is to be considered as an all day and can be used on any device as it does not dirty the resistors.

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