Concentrated Vaping Flavors Avana (Raw) - Concentrated BlendFeel

Avana (Raw) - Concentrated BlendFeel


From the new continent, the first explorers brought the large and luminous leaves of Habanos as a dowry to old Europe, making it become a legend and an object of worship everywhere.


From the new continent, the first explorers brought the large and luminous leaves of Habanos as a dowry to old Europe, making it become a legend and an object of worship everywhere.

The Tobacco Aroma (R) extracts are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research takes place meticulously and the products arrive in our production plant directly from the producers identified in the cultivation locations.

The classic dosage of the product is 10% , however, depending on personal tastes, the dilutions can easily be from 6% to 12% .

The product does not require particular maturation but it must be taken into account that the aromatic characteristics evolve over time, slightly modifying the perception of taste.Dosage and maturation times are absolutely subjective in this kind of products and the perceptual result is influenced by the type of vaporizer and the base used.

We recommend bases containing water, classically with a VG / PG / H20 40/50/10 ratio or in bottom fender systems or with efficient tanks with a VG / PG 50/50 ratio. of the product but significantly improves the quality of the vapor emitted by the vape system.Due to the natural characteristic of the product, the high concentrations make the finished mixture encrusting and, if on the one hand more flavor is obtained, the formation of encrustations on the coils increases proportionally increasing the frequency of regeneration, also depending on the system used and the methods of use.

Finally, it should be noted that the product may contain minimal traces of nicotine, which are irrelevant for the calculation of the title of the arrival mixture.

These are only small indications, the most personal and best use of the product is left to the habits and imagination of the Vaper. The Tobacco Aroma (R) extracts are analyzed with a Gas Massa system in the Blendfeel laboratory to exclude the presence of pesticides and pesticides.


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