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Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Pink...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Pink...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Pink...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Mango...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Lemon...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Lemon...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Usa e Getta 400 Puff - Banana...

Brands: Dinner Lady

Justfog Minifit S Pod Kit 12W 420mAh

Brands: Justfog

Justfog Minifit-S Pod Kit is the new Justfog Minifit. The most popular cheek shot pod ever returns in a completely renewed version with innovative features in step with technology.

Aluminum inserts give the new Minifit-S a different and captivating aesthetic, while maintaining the dimensions that have always characterized the Minifit brand.

Voopoo Drag X Pro Kit 100W

Brands: Voopoo

Voopoo Drag X Pro Kit 100W is the new kit of the Voopoo Drag series. From appearance to structure, Drag X Pro Kit polishes every detail to the extreme. Drag X Pro Kit adopts the upgraded GENE.FAN 3.0 chip , provides explosive power, stable flavor and rich intelligent functions .

Tita AIO Kit Veepon 60W

Brands: Veepon

Tita AIO Kit Veepon 60W is the brand new Veepon AIO born from a concept that is very reminiscent of the beloved Billet Boxes . Tita is designed for a comfortable and personalized style vaping experience. Equipped with a VP60 chipset (EasySide by Ambition Mods ). Thanks to the OLED display you can adjust the power of the device, between a power between 1 - 60W .

Kit Mini Beeper Pod Wizman 1200mAh

Brands: WizVapor

Kit Mini Beeper Pod WizVapor 1200mAh is the new successful kit produced by the homonymous oriental company WizVapor. A unique device of its kind. Mini Beeper is reminiscent of the retro industrial aesthetic of the 90s .

It uses an ARM CORTEX chip internally to support stable output performance, with a maximum power delivery of 24W . All supported by the integrated 1200mAh battery with fast charging via USB Type-C input .

Digiflavor Z1 SBS 80W + Siren 3 MTL

Brands: Digiflavor

Digiflavor Z1 SBS Kit 80W with Siren 3 GTA MTL rebuildable atomizer is the return in style of the prodigal son Digiflavor.

The kit includes a side by side box made of metal with elegant stabilized wood or shell inserts . Ergonomic, resistant and compact, it is powered by a 18650 battery (not included) and offers different modes of use (VV / VW / bypass) . Watt regulation starts from a minimum of 1W up to a maximum of 80W .

Pipa Elettronica vPipe III 1300mAh - VapeOnly

Brands: VapeOnly

The vPipe III 1300mAh Electronic Pipe by VapeOnly is made of ebony , VapeOnly vPipe 3 is a high-end electronic pipe that combines the traditional functions of pipes with revolutionary concepts. This little gem contains multiple functionalities. The automatic shooting , without the need to press any button, is a strong point of this incredible product.

The vPipe body has an LED indicator light that lights up during use. Inside it houses a 1300mAh rechargeable 18350 battery (included), with the possibility of replacing it with other 18350 batteries.

AirsPops Bottle Pod 1200mAh 2ml - Airscream

Brands: AirPops

Bottle Pod 1200mAh 2ml by AirsPops is the winning pod mod of the Red Dot Award 2021 as Product Design 2021 Winner for its aesthetically appealing , functional, intelligent and innovative design.

Bottle by AirsPops is an intuitive, ready-to-use pod, with an adjustable airflow system that offers good customization for both those who prefer a lung vape or cheek vape .

RELX Essential Device 350mAh

Brands: RELX

RELX Essential Device is the new electronic cigarette with automatic shooting , working with Pods Preloaded with liquid with nicotine .

Thanks to this innovative device, specially designed to reduce maintenance and the difficulty of using an electronic cigarette, all you have to do is vape and replace the empty liquid cartridge .

Voopoo Seal Pod Mod Kit 40W

Brands: Voopoo

Voopoo Seal Pod Mod Kit 40W is a new 1200mAh Voopoo pod with a unique material thanks to its silicone protection and an excellent aromatic yield in cheek vape or flavor .

The Seal is water resistant thanks to its IP66 degree of protection. Automatic or manual shooting mode . The built-in 1200mAh battery guarantees excellent autonomy for your daily vaping sessions.

Justfog Q16 Pro Starter Kit 900mAh 1.9ml

Brands: Justfog

Justfog Q16 Pro Starter Kit 900mAh 1.9ml was, without a doubt, the most successful electronic cigarette in Italy. Justfog wanted to carry out the restyling of this device by presenting the new Q16 Pro, introducing some important innovations .

The excellent integrated 900mAh battery and the Justfog resistors remain unchanged along with the steam production and aromatic yield.

Top-up liquid refill is introduced, which makes this device even easier and more practical to use.

The body of the new Q16 Pro battery has been made of anodized aluminum , very beautiful aesthetically and comfortable to the touch.

The power levels have been raised to 4 (from 3.5V to 4.4V) and a multicolor LED has been added for the charge level.

Vaporesso Kit Target 100 + iTank 5ml

Brands: Vaporesso

Vaporesso Kit Target 100 + iTank 5ml is the new kit arrived in the VAPORESSO TARGET family with the new iTank atomizer . The exclusive resistant frame allows the Target 100 Kit to resist water and improve grip during use.

The new generation iTank atomizer features a lower air intake and the liquid refill occurs from the top . While the innovative Turbo Airflow system with the all-new GTi resistance provides a smoother airflow and uniform heating to fully vaporize the liquid, increasing the aromatic yield .

The box is supported by the latest generation AXON chip , which can ensure you much bigger clouds and denser flavor.

GeekVape Wenax SC 1100mAh

Brands: GeekVape

GeekVape Wenax SC 1100mAh has arrived in a new finish with stunning new colors . It keeps unchanged its automatic shooting or manual shooting functionality with the lower button.

Battery charging now takes place with the USB Type-C port .

The Wenax pod has been updated for a better experience for an MTL cheek vape .

A new mesh resistance (G Series 1.2M) that will give a softer and more intense flavor.

Brands: UD Youde

Available from April 2022

Zeep 2 Kit by UD Youde Puff is the new starter kit arriving in April 2022 . Unlike its first version, the Zeep 2 introduces a 2000mAh powerbank with quick connection to quickly recharge the 450mAh pen.

The innovative Zeep 2 pen has new pods with resistors, further improving the automatic pull of the pen itself. It has LEDs dedicated to temperature control and LED indicator for changing the pod. Compatible with Pod Zeep 2 with 1.8ml liquid capacity .

Activate the availability notification below! You will be notified as soon as Zeep 2 is available.

Wismec Predator 228 + Elabo Starter Kit

Brands: Wismec

Wismec Predator 228 + Atomizer Elabo Starter Kit , designed in the USA by Sinuous Designs , is powered by two 18650 batteries (not included) and reaches a maximum power of 228W.

The use of flat USB ports allows fast charging at 2A . Handling 18650 batteries is carefully separated from using the new firmware. Furthermore, with the use of the RC (reverse charging) adapter it is possible to use the Predator 228 as a power bank to recharge your electronic devices.

228W / 50A of maximum output power with the use of two 18650 batteries : Powered by two 18650 batteries, the maximum output power is 228W, thanks to its 50A it offers an infinite choice of coils.

IQOS VEEV 230mAh Kit

Brands: VEEV


Kit IQOS VeeV from 230mAh is a new idea of the electronic cigarette: created to make your experience unique.

An innovative technology heats the liquid avoiding overheating and burning taste . A simple to use, intuitive and compact design device.

A slight vibration with each shot , customizable with 10 different modes .

Fast charging thanks to a battery that recharges completely in less than 30 minutes *. The design makes it unique. Innovative technology makes it smart.

Wismec RX GEN3 300W + Gnome 2ml

Brands: Wismec

Wismec RX GEN3 300W + Gnome 2ml is the third generation kit of the Wismec Reuleaux series. This time smaller, lighter and more ergonomic than previous versions.

The RX GEN3 has a 1.3-inch OLED display and a new interface, it uses 3 18650 batteries that make it reach 300W of maximum power.

Thanks to the upgradeable firmware , the box will always be updated to the latest software version.

The GNOME atomizer, included in the package, uses the resistances of the Wismec WM series for an optimal aromatic yield, with top refill with retractable opening system, optimal performance and aesthetic appearance.

Resistenza Vaporesso GT CCELL 2 Mesh 0.3oHm

Brands: Vaporesso

Vaporesso GT CCELL-2 resistance for Cascade / SKRR Series / Sky Solo atomizers by Vaporesso . Also compatible with Eleaf Ello, Smok TFV8 Baby, Smok TFV9 and similar ...

Resistance with mesh structure for a high aromatic yield with lung shooting .

Recommended power range: 35 - 40W

GTX V2 Vaporesso 0.2oHm Mesh Resistance

Brands: Vaporesso

Replacement GTX V2 0.2oHm Resistance in Mesh by Vaporesso . The 0.2oH GTX V2 resistance in Mesh is compatible with GTX vaporesso atomizers and pods for a lung vape . Guaranteeing an excellent amount of steam and a high aromatic yield.

To be used in a power range: 45 - 60W

Resistenza UB Lite Pod 0.8oHm Lost Vape

Brands: Lost Vape

Replacement resistance for UB Lite Pod by Lost Vape . The 0.8oHm UB Lite Pod resistance in Kanthal A1 for Lost Vape UB Lite pod guarantees a decent amount of vapor and a high aromatic yield , suitable for cheek shooting for the pod.

To be used in a power range: 12 - 17W

Resistenza Joyetech Exceed Grip EX-M Mesh...

Brands: Joyetech

Joyetech Exceed Grip EX-M Mesh Coil 0.4oHm Resistance for Exceed Grip Cheek Pull Kit . The innovative mesh structure made to this resistance guarantees an excellent aromatic yield and large clouds of vapor.

Resistance also compatible with Exceed D19 and D22 atomizers.

Recommended usage power: 20 - 35W

GTX Vaporesso 0.15oHm resistance

Brands: Vaporesso

GTX Vaporesso resistance with mesh structure for Vaporesso GTX Series atomizers and electronic cigarettes (GTX Tank 22, PM80, PM80SE and similar GTX) .

The GTX resistance is usable for a lung vape.

Recommended power range: 60 - 75W

MC2 Plus 2 Slot Rechargeable Battery...

Brands: XTAR

2 Slot XTAR MC2 Plus rechargeable battery charger . Dual slot charger for 3.6V / 3.7V lithium-ion batteries with battery level indicator.

Automatic selection of the appropriate charging current (0.5A and 1.0A).

Battery charger working via Micro-USB cable (included) by connecting it to any 1A or higher wall adapter.

Coiland Resistance Regeneration Kit

Brands: Coiland

Coiland Resistance Regeneration Kit is the complete kit that includes everything you need to regenerate your own regenerable atomizer .

It includes multiple high quality tools that will allow you to perfectly regenerate your atomizer. An essential tool for DIY .

Leather Electronic Cigarette Case - Vapeonly

Brands: VapeOnly

Vapeonly Leather Electronic Cigarette Case is a protective faux leather case. Inside the case it is possible to insert electronic cigarettes of different sizes with liquids. Comfortable and elegant with zipper , made of eco-leather, with lace to carry it with you comfortably or hang it without problems.

UD Youde Ni80 28ga 0.32mm 10 meters

Brands: UD Youde

28ga (0.32mm) Youde Ni80 UD Youde resistive wire. 10 meters long nickel alloy coil suitable for regenerable cheek and lung atomizers .

Nickel wire has a low temperature coefficient of resistance and low change in resistance over its life which combine to ensure faster heat-up times , smoother operating temperatures, and longer life.

MC2 2 Slot Rechargeable Battery Charger -...

Brands: XTAR

2 Slot XTAR MC2 rechargeable battery charger . Dual slot charger for 3.6V / 3.7V Li-ion batteries.

Automatic selection of the appropriate charging current (0.5A and 1.0A).

Battery charger working via Micro-USB cable (included) by connecting it to any 1A or higher wall adapter.

Curved Coil Master ceramic pliers

Brands: Coil Master

Curved Coil Master Ceramic Pliers are a necessary tool to regenerate any RDA, RTA or RDTA atomizer.

This newly designed curved ceramic tweezer is perfect for any situation that requires the use of non-conductive, heat-resistant tweezers that allows the user to make resistance adjustments without shorting.

Drip Tip 810 in ReeWape R18 Resin

Brands: ReeWape

Drip Tip 810 in Resin ReeWape R18 is a kit that includes 6 resin drip tips of different colors. The structure of these drip tips is lowered and is excellent for those looking for an intense shot without having to pout too much.

Drip Tip 810 Hybrid Mod. B1023


Drip Tip 810 Hybrid Mod. B1023 is an 810 drip tip with steel and resin body . The structure is specially designed to dissipate as much heat as possible . This drip tip will heat up very slowly compared to any other model.

Kit Drip Tip 510 and 810 ReeWape Mod. T7

Brands: ReeWape

Kit Drip Tip 510 and 810 ReeWape Mod. T7 is a kit compatible with atomizers and electronic cigarettes with 510 and 810 connection . The kit contains sleeves of different sizes , compatible with the 510 and 810 series adapters. This kit is suitable for those looking for a variable configuration of their drip tip.

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